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HumanHire has built lasting relationships with employers throughout Long Island. We can help you find a job where you’ll thrive.

Types of people we place

Accounting & Finance

Precision placements for financial experts and accounting professionals.


Seamless staffing solutions tailored to the dynamic healthcare industry.

Human Resources

Strategic HR talent acquisitions for businesses seeking exceptional workforce management.

Office & Administrative

Streamlined administrative staffing solutions for efficient office operations.

Creative Marketing

Artful connections: pairing imaginative talent with marketing and creative ventures.

Executive Search

Bespoke executive talent acquisition to elevate organizational leadership dynamically.

Information Technology

Tech-savvy talent placements in the ever-evolving IT landscape.

Manufacturing & Engineering

Strategic talent alignment for manufacturing and engineering enterprises.


Bespoke legal talent solutions for law firms and legal departments.


HumanHire is an elite executive search and recruitment outsourcing firm.  We customize candidate pipelines to fit your hiring profiles.


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