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HumanHire was a breath of fresh air after working with some of the other staffing agencies on Long Island. We were looking to fill a Vice President role and their team of recruiters customized a talent pipeline to fit our ideal hiring profile. Within 3 weeks we identified a candidate and made an offer which was accepted. Previously it took us approximately 65 days to hire. HumanHire wrapped up the whole direct hire process within 30 days.

CEO (5000+ Employee Healthcare Organization)

After struggling to find the right Controller on my own, I was recommended by a colleague to discuss the opportunity with HumanHire. They visited our location to take an in-depth job order and committed to a tight timeline to get this opportunity filled. I was skeptical with how fast they committed to presenting candidates. But, I’m writing this now because I was very impressed with their process and turnaround time, most importantly, they sent me 3 candidates who were all higher quality than the previous 9 candidates that I interviewed on my own…I found the right Controller for our organization because of them, so HIGHLY recommend to any business looking to hire or any candidate who is confidentially looking!

Chief Financial Officer (private financial services organization)

I’m a VP of HR for a very large organization on Long Island and we have always had challenges keeping our Call Center fully staffed with high quality candidates. We work with several different staffing agencies, as we’ve never noticed a difference in performance. They were all the same to us, until we partnered with HumanHire. They took the time to visit our facility, understand our environment and metrics, then got to work on delivering on those measurables. As we began interviews for an 80+ person call center, it was clear their candidates were much higher caliber than the other agencies. I believe it’s due to their hands-on executive leadership who were heavily involved throughout the sales and recruitment process, as we didn’t get passed off to entry level recruiters. They care about quality and it shows, highly recommend to anyone who is looking for the best candidates on the market!

VP of Human Resources (company confidential- large manufacturer)

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